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How well do you know Sri Lanka’s Big Five wildlife species?

The Big 5 is the mightiest, most powerful and largest mammals on earth, and having them all is one country is a rare and wonderful thing.

Very few countries can boast having all 5 of these beasts, and after Africa, Sri Lanka is the one with this amazing safari opportunity. To be in the Big 5 club, animals need to be, obviously, big, terrifying, amazing to look at, and also attract an impressive amount of tourists and visitors. The best Sri Lanka tours will surely have you taking a safari to meet these 5 creatures, and Walkers Tours has some good safari deals you might want to check out!

Blue Whale

The South of Dondra in Sri Lanka has been named one of the best places in the world to see big blue whales. The blue whale is one of the most sought after mammal in the sea, for both its sheer size and still somewhat mysterious lifestyle. Whale watching is a very humbling experience that connects you to nature like no other, and something the sea lovers must try when visiting the island.

mirissa sri lanka

Sperm Whale

Closely following the Blue Whale, Sperm whales are also a highly sought after sea creature that doesn’t cease to entertain and make an onlooker gasp in wonder.  A marine lover’s delight, this side of the island is the best place to catch a glimpse of a sperm whale in its natural habitat.

mirissa sri lanka

Asian Elephant

Who doesn’t like elephants?  Terrifyingly huge and adorable at the same time, these animals are known to have the kindest eyes. A safari through the jungles in Yala will let you see the Asian elephants frolic about, while they go about their daily activities. And if you are lucky, a baby elephant or two might try cuddling you with its little elephant feet and trunk!

Asian Elephant Sri Lanka


This elegant killer is the second fastest big cat on earth after the cheetah. Watching these graceful yet ferocious creatures in action is definitely something you won’t forget for life. The leopards are mostly found lounging in trees while on the lookout for prey.

yala Sri Lanka

Sloth Bear

Unlike the bigger bears, sloth bears have lankier, longer bodies, more fur and overall have the look of a shaggy dog plus sloth-like personality. The Sloth Bear can be tamed too, and for the most time, these bears are lazy and like to sit around looking innocent, but they are vicious hunters, so don’t be fooled!

Yala Sri Lanka



Cultural Places to visit in Sri Lanka – Indulge yourself in the island’s rich history

Sri Lanka is an island of cultural harmony and has impressive, legendary heritage sites that keep the history buff in you alive and kicking.


Of all the cultural places to visit in Sri Lanka, tours of the majestic ruins in Polonnaruwa are the most sought after. The architecture and buildings from civilisations long gone are still standing high in this city, which was once the capital of Sri Lanka.


In a tailor-made Sri Lanka tour from us at Walkers Tours, your next item on the menu will be the highly sacred, holy Buddhist centre of the island, Kandy. Located among the mountains, this city has people visiting from all over the world for pilgrimage and tourist purposes, and whichever it is, this city won’t cease to amaze you.






Galle Fort

Most tours in Sri Lanka that focus on culture and history of the island will definitely have this one on their list, Galle Fort. Built by the Portuguese back in the 16th century, this city is never asleep. Tourists visit this part of the island throughout the year, and not just for its history either. The seascape in Galle Fort is one of the best in Sri Lanka, and that is saying something when in an island.







Do old temples and heritage sites give you the chills? The oldest of all, this temple has seen 22 centuries so far and stands proudly in its golden glory. The Golden Temple of Dambulla is a sight for the sore eyes, with its 152 statues and murals along the walls. Located under a rocky mountain, this Buddhist temple is the oldest and best taken care of heritage sites in Sri Lanka.


A majestic holy region hidden among lush green trees and lakes, the temples and ruins of Anuradhapura are, by far, the most prominent locations that played a large role in the history of Sri Lanka. Built to be the capital of the island, this city was put to sleep after an invasion in 993. The ruins and temples among the forests are open to public again, and it is something that any history buff shouldn’t miss.


If you like overlooking misty mountains and being awestruck by the sheer intelligence of building a city on a rock, Sigiriya is the place for you. A nearly vertical climb up a wall of a mountain takes you through giant lion paws and into the city. Built by King Kasyapa for the sole purpose of being the capital during his reign, this city had no expense spared, with its water moats, shrines and delicate carvings.