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Top sightseeing attractions in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

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Sri Lanka has a multitude of sightseeing attractions, from sandy beaches to misty mountains and lush green forests, what’s your poison?

Most people can’t get their head around the fact that an island so tiny has so many things to offer and tailor-made Sri Lanka tours are the best way for you to enjoy everything this country has to offer. There are many travel agencies dedicated to giving great Sri Lanka tours, and an example of such an agency is us, Walkers Tours.

When you are done with the beaches along the coast, it’s time to climb higher, as the hills have much to offer to the avid traveller in you.


The iconic Dalada Maligawa in Kandy pulls in masses during the holier seasons, like Vesak during May, or the monthly full moon celebrations, which is a sacred day around the island. Apart from its religious attractions, Kandy also has the Pinnawela Elephant orphanage, the Botanical Garden of Peradeniya and the Knuckles Mountain Range for those adventurous trekkers and hikers in you.

kandy Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak

This is the only place in Sri Lanka that holds a strong religious meaning to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians! The ritual here is that you climb the mountain at night, just in time to reach the peak at sunrise. The views will change you for life; as such majesty is not seen anywhere else but in nature. The top of the mountain has a temple, and a large footprint, which has different legends respective to each religion.

Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya

Priding itself on being the highest town in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is also the biggest vegetable garden on the island. The British imprint on the town has yet to fade, and most of the colonial bungalows and buildings have been maintained without many alterations, and thus the name, Little England, which is what the locals refer to it as. Enjoy a long walk at the Victoria Park and end your day by having a cup of authentic Sri Lankan tea among the mountains.

Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka


Tours in Sri Lanka are not complete without Ella and its iconic Demodara Nine Arch Bridge.  This stunning work of architecture is nothing short of a postcard view, with the mountains providing the perfect backdrop, as the trains go over it. Ella also has some beautiful waterfalls, hiking and trekking opportunities, and sacred temples.

Ella Sri Lanka

Horton Plains & World’s End

The Horton Plains National Park is a dream come true for any nature lover and the walking trails also give you the freedom to explore as you wish. Within the park is the World’s End, a steep cliff that rises up to 800m. The view from the top does give one’s stomach a drop as it does look like the world just stops there with just the skies beyond us.

Horton Plains Sri Lanka


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