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Maldives Tours

The Maldives is an independent republic (formerly a Sultanate) in the Indian Ocean about 670km west of Sri Lanka, an hour by plane, comprising an archipelago of 200 inhabited and 991 uninhabited islands in 26 natural atolls, 822km from north to south and straddling the Equator.

With our Maldives Tours, visitors generally stay on uninhabited islands, not as castaways but as guests in the super luxury hotels of which there is only one on each resort island. It’s also possible to stay on some inhabited islands, but in guest houses that do not have the comforts or variety of facilities (there are no bars on inhabited islands, for instance) that brand name hotels have. The resorts are popular for Scuba diving and snorkelling, for spa therapy and sheer beach relaxation. Travel to Maldives and Maldives Tours can be arranged with Walkers Tours as part of a holiday to Sri Lanka.

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Maldives Tours in sri lanka
Maldives Tours
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