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Conserve Turtles, Unforgettable Turtle Watching Experience

Leave after an early dinner for the Rakawa Turtle sanctuary. The months of January to June are when turtles wade ashore to lay their eggs and sighting is quite frequent. Although nesting does occur during the rest of the year it not as common.

Rakewa is a two kilometre stretch of protected coastline which is a nesting haven for five species of marine turtles. You will be taken to an informal information centre located in a hut on the beach. The tour and briefing is conducted in torchlight as the hut has no electricity. Later, sit on the beach and wait for word of nesting turtles. It is possible to approach them only after they have dug their pit and begun the process of laying between 100 – 200 eggs. Sit by the turtle to share an unforgettable experience.