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A Guide to Whale Watching in Mirissa

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The deep waters in Mirissa, Southern Sri Lanka, are one of the best spots in the world to observe whales in their natural habitat.


Fun fact, the BBC marine documentary named Ocean Giants featuring the lives of Whales and Dolphins was filmed around Sri Lanka, and scientists say that they spotted 30 Blue Whales in a single day of the shoot! The best Sri Lanka tours will have whale watching as a primary activity, and if you want to include it in your Sri Lanka tour package, we at Walkers Tours can create the perfect tour itinerary for your needs.

Blue whales and Sperm whales are a common sight on these boat rides and it truly is a magical experience, watching the mammoth like mammals swimming through endless oceans.


When to go
Whale watching in Sri Lanka with Walkers Tours

Sri Lanka tours from December to April is the best time to tread these waters, as the weather is calmer in the deep seas then and you have clearer views for longer distances. Pods of whales can be seen at a safe distance from the boats during these months.


How to go
Whale watching in Sri Lanka with Walkers Tours

The boats offered by various authentic whale watching agencies will take you out into the ocean at about 7 am and after 2 hours into the deep sea, the boat stops its motor and rides the waves. And this is where the magic happens. If the weather is good and not windy, you will start seeing tail flips, so fast that you’d miss it in a blink of an eye. Don’t worry, the boat will stay there for at least an hour, and you will become an expert at spotting and pointing out whales by the end of the hour. There will be refreshments on the boat too, so you can relax, take in the amazing deep sea silence and views, while you wait for the whales to come closer.


Things to remember


  • Take sunscreen, a hat, a sunglass or anything that will offer you some protection from the sun. You will be at sea until noon, and the sunshine can become unbearable after a point if you aren’t ready for it
  • If you are prone to seasickness or if it is your first time at sea and you think you might get seasick, take the medicine to prevent it an hour before your journey begins
  • Make sure you know where the life vests are kept, and also, learn how to wear and operate one if you haven’t had prior experience

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