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Sri Lankan Trips

Within Sri Lanka’s area of 65,525 sq km (25,299 square miles – about half the size of England) there are so many places to explore, guests often return on holiday year after year so they can discover more of Sri Lanka. The island’s length is 435km and it is 240km at its widest point. Most of the island is low-lying and flat but the south central part is mountainous with nine peaks over 2,133m (7,000ft) high.

It’s not only the island’s scenic beauty that is so enchanting, there are ancient ruins and religious shrines (the Cultural Triangle), national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, charming traditional buildings, a pastoral way of life contrasting with the hubbub of the towns and cities, brilliant beaches and a salubrious climate.

The best way to explore the island is with a chauffeur-guide either on a standard tour or following an itinerary which Walkers Tours can arrange to include places of special interest and convenient accommodation

Zoomed view of map of Sri Lanka through a looking glass
Travel Tips
We have complied a list of tips that you might find useful before your visit to Sri Lanka.
Vivid paintings & statues within the Dambulla Cave Temple
Sri Lanka Fact File
Sri Lanka is a lush, fertile island of many cultures with a history of diversity now blended into a nation in harmony making it a perfect destination
A magnificent Elephant dressed for Esala perahera
Sri Lanka Events
Sri Lanka hosts some of the most amazing and unique cultural events all year round. There is always something to see or do
FAQ in sri lanka
If you have any additional questions about Sri Lanka you might find it here or feel free to ask us
Sri Lanka Passport
Sri Lanka Visas
For all nationalities, getting a visa in advance to visit Sri Lanka is easy; apply online and a 30 day entry permit will be stamped in your passport
Milk Rice with Sambol and Cinnamon beside it
Sri Lanka Dining
In addition to the staple meal of rice and curry, various cuisine from around world can be found in Sri Lanka
Attractions in sri lanka
Sri Lankan’s attractions range from the charm of its people to the mysterious ruins and beautiful landscapes