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Wildlife & Adventure Tours, Appreciate the Rich Bio-Diversity of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s wildlife ranges from wild elephants and leopards to sea turtles and a vast variety of birds. Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park is known to have the highest density of leopards in the world. National parks and bird sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, have the best opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat. Stay alert for a sighting of the endangered sloth bear or leopard, watch hundreds of elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon during “the gathering”; or be amazed by the egg laying sea turtles. Our tours include many possibilities for wildlife watching and birding.

Animal Instinct in sri lanka
Animal Instinct
12 Nights 13 Days
Price on request
Sri Lanka is home to many animals including leopards, elephants, turtles and blue whales which are the main attractions
Wildlife Paradise in sri lanka
Wildlife Paradise
7 Nights 8 Days
Price on request
A visit to Sri Lanka is a must for all wildlife enthusiasts. The many national parks in Sri Lanka are home to majestic creatures
The Wanderer in sri lanka
The Wanderer
8 Nights 9 Days
Price on request
There is no better way than to enjoy the awesome scenery of Sri Lanka than by trekking through its beautiful landscapes