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Top 5 authentic Sri Lankan foods to try

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Sri Lanka is a little tropical paradise, known for its beautiful untouched beaches, friendly people and rich culture. The island nation is also famous for its use of exotic spices in cooking to bring out unique flavors that will send your taste buds on a tasty trip. Without further ado, we list out 5 foods that we think you have to try during your stay in Sri Lanka.

1. Rice and Curry
First on our list is a Sri Lankan favorite and a definite must try. Cooked using coconut milk and an array of spices, a plate of rice and curry comprises of vegetables and meat neatly laid on a bed of rice. The curries come with a thick gravy and tend to be quite spicy, so be cautious. Accompanied with the tasty rice and curry is papadam, a wafer that adds a bit of crunch to each bite.

If you’re on the lookout for some clean restaurants that serve a tasty rice and curry, we recommend taking a visit to Rajabojun and Nuga Gama both conveniently found in Colombo.

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2. Kottu Rotti
If you take a walk down the streets of Colombo in the evening you would hear the familiar rhythmic clatter of metal plates. Many food joints by the side of the road have a kottu station with a cook hammering away. A flat bread is cut into little strips before being mixed with vegetables and meats of your choosing, which are then further mixed and sliced using two metal plates.

Kottu Rotti tends to be very spicy and is usually served with chicken or fish gravy, however on request they would be happy to make a milder version. We recommend asking for a cheese kottu, a popular variance on the traditional kottu.

3. Kiribath (Milk Rice)
Usually served during special occasions and for breakfast, kiribath is a milkier variation of rice. It is usually accompanied with a side dish named lunu miris. A sweet and spicy side dish with little flecks of dried fish.

Mung Kiribath is a variation of the traditional dish which includes green grams with the milk rice for a healthier breakfast.

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4. Appa (Hoppers)
Hoppers are served during dinner and is prepared using milk and flour. Dome shaped with a soft center and a crunchy outside, egg hoppers come with a runny egg in the center. Hoppers are also served accompanied with lunu miris or gravy depending on your preference.

Hoppers are perfect for a light dinner and are served as a late night snack in almost all roadside food joints.

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5. Achcharu (Pickel)
Achcharu is an assortment of fruits, either fried or served raw with a chillie powder, salt and vinegar. Usually served by the side of the road on a cart, choose from the various fruits available, it comes in a little bag that is used to mix the fruits and seal in the spices used for flavor.

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