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Gal Oya National Park, Centred Around a Reservoir

The Gal Oya National Park was established in 1954 and embraces a reservoir on which outboard boats take tourists for a safari cruise as it is one of Sri Lanka’s major eco tourism destinations. Most of the park, which spans over 25,000 hectares, is forest with some plains and is home to extensive flora and fauna, including elephants, wild boar, leopard and water buffalo.

The best time to visit the Gal Oya National Park, which is 376km northeast of Colombo, is between March and July. Boat safaris are popular because they do not disturb creatures in the forest as well as being a convenient way of observing birdlife. Jeep safaris are also possible. There is no accommodation within the Park although there are bungalows and guesthouses close to its borders.

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