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Why Sri Lanka

Safety in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great place to start traveling if you’re new to South Asia. Moreover, there are also numerous protected wildlife areas and breath-taking mountains to explore, as well as more than 1300 kilometres of coastline and tropical beaches, wealth of historic and religious buildings to explore and this one of the best places in 2021 to travel and work.

The most challenging question is that, Is Sri Lanka is safe to travel? Yes, it is safe to travel.

The recent effects from world Pandemic have tighten up our health safety belts; Sri Lanka has Successfully vaccinated almost 65% of the population by end of October 2021. If you wish to read more on vaccination drive in Sri Lanka you may follow the link below to the official website of the Presidential secretariat of Sri Lanka.

Following are some best tips to be safe in Sri Lanka,

  • Always keep an eye for your valuables.
  • Avoid political gatherings and protests.
  • Hike in groups and ensure not to venture off the beaten path.
  • Sri Lanka is a country, where cultural sensitivity is highly valued.
  • Ensure to wear comfortable, and casual clothes.
  • Avoid abandoned ATMS and Cash deposit Machines.

Cost of Living in Sri Lanka

Travel and Transportation

It is recommended to travel in Meter Taxi (Meter Tuk Tuk) or book a taxi via uber or Pick me. Per km cost will be as following,

Uber: 30 per kilometre for 10 kilometres and any further distance will cost Rs. 42 per kilometre, plus Rs. 2 per minute of the ride.
Pick Me: 25/= per Km on Budget & 37/= per Km on Buddy from 9am to 4pm. View More Pick me Tour Packages

Medical facilities & health care in Sri Lanka.

Health risks in Sri Lanka are different to those in the west. One needs to watch out for diseases such as diarrhea, dengue fever, influenza, amoebic dynasty and fungal infections. Sri Lankan physicians, though many of them have trained in the west are particularly equipped with locally occurring diseases. If a client requires a doctor instruct them to contact the reception of the hotel as the hotel will have a doctor on-site or nearby.

If the issue is more serious there are modern, well equipped hospitals offering the latest conventional medical and surgical therapies in urban areas such as Colombo, Kandy, Galle. Additionally, pharmacies are generally found in city centers across the island. following are some recommended hospitals that you may visit for your treatments.

  • Nawaloka Hospitals
  • Hemas Hospitals
  • Durdans Hospital
  • Lanka Hospital
  • Leasons Hospitals

Weather patterns of Sri Lanka.

Even though Sri Lanka is identified as a year-round destination there are 2 main monsoon seasons you need to keep an eye out for when planning a holiday.

South-Western monsoon season – This will be active from May to September bringing rain to the south-western parts of the Island.

North-eastern monsoon season – This season will be effective from October to January.

There is also an inter monsoon season which you need to be educated of which will be in effect from October to first half of November. This clears up as December nears, with conditions getting balmier by the day during the second half of November.

Unlike many other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka can lay genuine claim to be a year-round holiday destination. You just have to know which side of the island to focus on in any given month, and this is never more important than when planning your beach vacation.

Whilst planning any holiday around the seasons, it’s important to remember that the world’s weather has a funny habit of not sticking to script, and this is never truer than in Sri Lanka. You will often be blessed with clear blue skies in what should be rainy season, or with torrential downpours in the middle of the dry season.

Following chart will support you to find about the temperature style of Sri Lanka,

Temperature Chart of Sri Lanka