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Digital Nomadism

The pandemic has jolted the world into a new acceptance of hybrid and fully remote jobs. So why work from home when you can “work from your own tropical paradise’ ?
Sri Lanka is poised to be as the perfect post pandemic destination with its wide-open spaces and nature-based attractions. Also recognized as one of the top destinations for Digital Nomads, emerging second in Club Med’s index of the best places and countries around the world to become a Digital Nomad.

“Sri Lanka was ranked so highly because of its comparatively low living costs, average temperatures of 30°C along with ample activities and landmarks for visitors to enjoy, and a beautiful working backdrop of lush green mountains, coral reefs and powdery sand, which combines to offer a great remote working experience”, noted Club Med, allocating Sri Lanka a score of 238 out of 320.

And with the implementation of  ‘digital nomad’ visa for long term tourists. More and more people are combining travelling and working online and what better place to set up your virtual office than ‘The pearl of the Indian ocean’?

So what are you waiting for! Our isle of wonder is open for all you responsible travelers.

Inquire now to set up your voyage and bask in the sun or snuggle up in the mountain mist while you continue your 9-5 but of course with a much greater view and authentic local hospitality.

Our Digital Nomads Package includes your hotel stay, return transfers, PCR & insurance fees, visa fees, unlimited high speed internet and access to a co-working space plus a host of perks to make your experience memorable!

Learn More about the Travel Protocol and VISA application to Visit Sri Lanka.

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