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Why you should be in Kalpitiya

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We recently visited sunny Kalpitiya in the North West of Sri Lanka. Just a 3 and a half hour drive from Colombo, here’s why Kalpitiya is one of our must visit locations during your holiday to Sri Lanka!

Kalpitiya’s lagoon and beach front have a range of activities to choose from throughout the year. The weather makes it an ideal location to relax and take in the sun but the true highlight of Kalpitiya is its many water based activities that will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

The sea is calm and the winds are just right during months between November and April. The skies fill with kites, and the water is perfect for some exciting snorkeling or some relaxing fishing. This period is also the dolphin and whale watching season in Kalpitiya, an experience not to be missed.

The highlight of Kalpitiya however is kite surfing. This activity is available throughout the year with peak winds from the South-West monsoon reaching up to 25 knots between May and September. If you have never kite surfed and you would like to try it (we highly recommend you do) Kalpitiya is also houses many kite surfing schools with international, certified instructors that are there to guide and help beginners.

Both the beach front and the lagoon front at Kalpitya have hotels and resorts that offer cabanas and villas at affordable prices. Most of the resorts in the area also own boats and take guests out on the lagoon or sea for excursions. Some also offer complete packages which include your stay and activities of your choice at competitive prices. Just make sure these hotels are certified to take guests out on excursions.

So pack your sun tan and make the trip to Kalpitiya for some fun in the sun. You won’t be disappointed.

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