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Walkers Tours BlogDiscover the Top 5 Beaches in Sri Lanka – A Land Like No Other!

Discover the Top 5 Beaches in Sri Lanka – A Land Like No Other!

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Sri Lanka is considered to be the island with some of the best beaches in the world. It would be quite a hard feat to accomplish in picking just a few beaches to visit and believing that you have seen the best the country has to offer. So, let’s make it easier with a list of top five best beaches.


Located on the South Coast close to the town of Dickwella, Hiriketiya beach is one of the less popular beaches on this list, mostly because tourists have yet to find it. The southern coastline is the most developed in Sri Lanka as it has long been a seaside escape for both locals and tourists. Hiriketiya is one of those rare beaches that have managed to escape development for the time being. The horseshoe bay is small and unspoiled. It is a must-visit to see what the wild beauty of a Sri Lankan beach looks like.


Probably the most popular beach on this list, Bentota Beach is an enigma that will find a place in and tour Sri Lanka has to offer. It is part of the upmarket development and luxury resort locations, with a breath-taking lagoon and plenty of coconut and palm trees. Bentota is also home to many kinds of water-sports, almost being a sort of central base for it all. Thanks to relatively calm waters and clear days, you will find that it is quite possible to engage in all forms of water-sports while you are staying in Bentota. It is also right between Colombo and Galle in the Southern Coast road, so you can use it as a resting point when going between the two great southern cities. 

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is the surfing hub of Sri Lanka that has gained a lot of traction in the past decade all around the world. It hosts international surfing competitions during the season when the beaches and one-street town are crowded. In the off-season, it has all the charm of a small town with just a few boutiques open and the beaches almost devoid of human beings. You will not find many luxury hotels in the area, but mostly rest houses, beachfront villas and cabanas. Arugam Bay has a rich culture that is a uniquely small town. 


Also located on the South Coast, Mirissa is where you go for those Instagram photos that you see constantly on the app. Ideal for both swimming and surfing, you will find Mirissa as part of the beach tours with companies like Walkers Tours. You will also find that Mirissa is great for whale-watching. Especially if you head down south during the season of December to April. 


Located in the deep blue seas and white sands of the East Coast, Uppuveli is a small village close to Trincomalee that is off the beaten track and absolutely breath-taking. Though the area has been going through some development in recent years, it is still relatively less developed than the south coast. This is where you go if you missed the December to April whale-watching season in the south.  0 

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