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How to Plan a Trip to Sri Lanka

A dream destination for many a traveller, Sri Lanka packs in a punch in terms of value and the sheer diversity of holiday experiences on offer. Home to some of Asia’s finest beaches, the popular honeymoon hub is also a wildlife haven and a cultural Mecca littered with heritage hotspots. From timing your visit to making the most of your time on the island, here are some tips on planning the ultimate getaway to Sri Lanka





  1. Time Your Visit

Enjoying the best that the island has to offer will depend on timing your visit to coincide with the perfect weather or the perfect season for the activities of your choice. In terms of weather, Sri Lanka is a viable holiday hotspot all year around, except for the two monsoon periods when inclement weather can be expected. Refrain from travelling to the island during the period from October to the middle of December while the May to June period is also rainy although the southern coast is largely unaffected.  September is the best time to visit Sri Lanka both in terms of prices as well as the weather as it is not an official tourist season either. Peak tourist season in the country is between late December to April when the sun is shining and almost all tourist activities are available.


  1. Narrow down Travel Goals

Once you determine the time at which you wish to travel to Sri Lanka, it is then time to narrow down your holiday goals. As a nation which encompasses a wide variety of destinations, attractions, topographies and activity hubs, it is entirely possible to enjoy several different types of vacations in Sri Lanka. Is it a beach vacation you are after? Or one filled with adventures such as white water rafting or safaris? Are visiting cultural attractions the main objective of your visit? Or are you interested in the country’s natural heritage the focus? Think about how you wish to spend your time in the island and whether relaxation, adventure or education is the purpose of your visit to help narrow down the highlights you wish to experience.

  1. Sign Up for Tours

One of the best ways to enjoy a wealth of experiences in one trip to Sri Lanka is to sign up for a comprehensive tour of the island with a local tour operator. Sri Lanka tours come in all shapes and sizes and can include everything from a wildlife-focused tour to ones that combines beach holidays and cultural excursions. Walkers Tours and countless other tour organizers in the island offer travel packages for visitors. Consider the itineraries and reserve your place in a tour to have an experienced travel agent take care of the smaller details of the visit.

  1. Secure Strategic Accommodation

Whether you are exploring the country with a tour operator or as an independent traveller, it is important to make reservations in the country’s most conveniently located rests. After you have selected the areas of the country you hope to visit, look into the most centrally situated hotels and resorts in the vicinity. In a country where traffic congestions and travel delays are a common occurrence, the advantage of securing a convenient base cannot be overstated. So search carefully and make advance reservations, especially if you are travelling during the peak tourist season.


  1. Explore Dining Options

Home to one of Asia’s most underrated local cuisines, wining and dining should also be a top priority for all visitors heading to Sri Lanka. Do your homework on the variety of local dishes and delicacies to sample during the trip as well as regional specialities and the best restaurants in Colombo to dine in. Those with an interest in cooking and culinary affairs can also sign up for a food tour in the country or a cooking demonstration in a local home or a cooking school.