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Discover the beautiful island of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, once known as the Ceylon is a must-visit country in the South Asian region. Not only because it has a very rich culture and heritage, but because of so much more!

Where to head to in Sri Lanka?

If time permits, travel everywhere in Sri Lanka! Travel from South to North to experience a total diversity in every aspect, be it in the culture, climate, or the local lifestyles.

Explore the wildlife

Wildlife Safari in Sri Lanka with Walkers Tours

Let a popular agent the likes of Walkers Tours arrange your wildlife tour in Sri Lanka. Be it Yala, Wilpattu, Kumana, or Udawalawe, every Natural Park in this country is blessed with amazing wildlife to explore.

Explore the local cultures

The local cultures in Sri Lanka are highly diversified. What you observe in Colombo- their commercial capital is very different from the culture of a relatively rural area such as Polonnaruwa.

Enjoy the beaches

Surrounded by the sea on all four sides, Sri Lanka is one of the countries that have the best beaches. While the Eastern coastline is perfect for surfing adventures, all other beaches have their unique characteristics as well.

First ever virtual conference held between China and Sri Lanka regarding household constructions concludes successfully.

“Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Sri Lanka – Household Construction)” was conducted over Zoom Online Conference Platform, over a 5-day period from 10th August to 14th August 2020 between 11.30 to 15.30 every day. The household construction exhibition which spanned over the 5 days concluded successfully where Walkers Tours Ltd.

together with Xiandai Exhibition held the initiative to battle the severe conditions arisen from the pandemic. As part of the global community, though our top priority is safety of our community, businesses must go on so that when the sorely hit economy is coming back on its feet, we can make it easier. To help local enterprises broaden the sales channels, ZHEJIANG MADE ALL NEED, sincerely invited Sri Lanka's well- known household construction purchasers to meet virtually through the first ever, online-communication portal conducted via Zoom. “Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Sri Lanka – Household Construction)” brought online growth for export trade enterprises, to effectively communicate with Sri Lankan Construction buyers to build their sales channels effectively. With the success gained from this conference, Walkers Tours ltd. and Xiandai Exhibition is optimistic about carrying out future ventures together in the hopes of battling said unprecedented times by bringing the relationship between Chinese suppliers and Sri Lankan buyers closely through various other virtual exhibitions. With the pandemic showcasing no signs of stopping, such virtual exhibitions were inspired by the social distancing norms followed globally. Various discussions of new ventures that can be handled virtually are in discussion between the 2 parties and are
optimistic about the future flow of business during the Post covid era.