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Emerge Global Foundation

Emerge Global, a registered non-profit organization in Massachusetts, USA currently operates in Sri Lanka as The Emerge Lanka Foundation. The organization which was founded in 2005 focuses on the rehabilitation of young girls, ages 10 to 18 who have suffered from sexual abuse. Most of the girls have children of their own as a result of rape or incest. These girls are taken away from their abusive homes and given the kindness and support needed to rediscover their personal beauty. These girls are given the necessary tools to be self-sufficient and be a voice for other girls suffering in their communities.

It is important to understand that these young girls have been shunned by their communities and labeled for something that they did not ask for. As a result the process of rehabilitation is slow and delicate with some girls requiring more time than others before returning back to their lives. While appreciating the selfless efforts of the volunteers and employees of the foundation, Walkers Tours would like to extend its fullest support to the Emerge Lanka Foundation by sharing proceeds from sales of tours with the foundation which will in turn use to enrich the lives of these young and deserving girls.

By choosing to book through Walkers Tours you will be helping us make the lives of the strong young women of Emerge Foundation brighter.

For more information on the Emerge Global Foundation, please visit them at